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DucTech Air Conditioning Service Schaumburg, IL
More About Us

DucTech Air Conditioning Service provides high-quality AC installation, AC maintenance, and AC replacement Schaumburg. Over our 10 years in business, we provide the same high level of professionalism in our work. As a family-owned and operated company, we strive to make a difference in the lives of our clients by providing a service that cares. 

Our air conditioning installers Schaumburg are the best contractors you can find for the job. Every concern is addressed, every AC service needed is delivered. Every single air conditioning contractor in our team is trained to perform at their best. We leave no work behind and finish the task on time.

Our collaboration with Carrier has taken our business far and wide in the industry. We take care of this reputation by upholding great values and 100% committed work with our air conditioning services Schaumburg. We find satisfaction in aiding in the comfort of our clients featuring our strong and heavy-duty air conditioning installation Schaumburg. In the need of an air conditioner repair, we are one call away. Our 24/7 services are available for emergency work required.

We do it best at DucTech Air Conditioning Service. Try our services – Give us a call today!

AC Replacement Schaumburg, IL

We understand that no one wants to pay the expense of ac replacement in Schaumburg, so it may be tempting to have air conditioning repairs instead. However, there will come a time when replacing your unit may be the most cost-effective solution than another repair.

Now, most repairs don’t come with the same sort of guarantee that a new unit will. When living in a climate like Schaumburg’s, you might want to consider an ac replacement a little sooner. You don’t want to regret being left with an air conditioning unit that doesn’t work in the heart of a hot summer.

Besides, an old unit can also run up your utility bill every month. There have been huge advances made in the past ten years when it comes to various air conditioning units. DucTech Air Conditioning Replacement has the air conditioning contractors in Schaumburg that you need to get the job done.

DucTech Air Conditioning Installation – Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Schaumburg, IL

DucTech Air Conditioning Installation in Schaumburg understands that an air conditioning system must suit the space. So our air conditioning installers work hard to give you the right unit for your next AC installation in Schaumburg. 

Our customers appreciate what our air conditioning contractors in Schaumburg provide because we guarantee our home or business AC solutions. We make sure you receive an air conditioning system that is large enough to cool your space but not so large that you end up wasting energy and money.   

So we lead other AC companies in Schaumburg by considering the size of your air conditioning unit, the amount of hot air circulated out by the system, the square footage you have, and other critical factors. After considering these, we send qualified air conditioning contractors in Schaumburg you can trust.

Contact DucTech Air Conditioning Installation in Schaumburg today for the best air conditioning installation possible.


Air Conditioning Repair Schaumburg, IL – Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Professional Help

Poor Airflow: If the air conditioning does not produce cold air, the problem could lie with the compressor or ducts. 

Odd Sounds: Clicking noises coming from your air conditioning could be a sign of obstruction in your fan. Call DucTech Air Conditioning Repair in Schaumburg for an AC repair service.

Unit Won’t Turn On: It might have issues with the thermostat or with mechanical problems. Contact a professional AC repair in Schaumburg. 

Leaks: If you notice leaks, it may be a sign that your cooling system is not functioning well. Air coolers rely on refrigerant and may produce condensation as it operates. 

Bad Odor: An unpleasant smell coming from your air conditioning may be a sign that you need a tune-up or complete cleaning session. 

Short Cycling: If you notice that your air conditioner is starting, stopping, then starting up again, it may be a sign that your efficiency is in danger and may break down at any time. 

Call DucTech Air Conditioning Repair in Schaumburg if you notice any of these signs, our professional air conditioner repair service in Schaumburg will help you.

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Reasons To Choose DucTech Air Conditioning Service Schaumburg, IL

If you experience trouble with your air conditioner, do not hesitate to call us any time of the day. We understand that emergencies can happen at any time. That is why our air conditioning contractors in Schaumburg have emergency service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
DucTech Air Conditioning Service focuses on quality and customer services. We also partnered with Carrier, one of the leading brands in the industry and all of our ac services for residential and commercial properties are based on our high standards. Whether you need ac maintenance, ac repair, ac installation or ac replacement, you can trust our air conditioning contractors to help you.
You need the help of professionals when it comes to your cooling and furnace services. To get high-quality workmanship, DucTech Air Conditioning Service is here for you. We have over ten years of experience handling your business and home heating and air conditioning problems.
DucTech Air Conditioning Services understand that the cost of your ac installation, ac services, and ac replacement is not manageable. That is why we offer excellent financing solutions for our customers to make the process easy and affordable.
Ever Since we care about our customers, and we want you to feel comfortable and safe at all times. That is why in this COVID-19 pandemic, we make estimates easier. Just send us a photo of the issue, along with the serial number and model of your cooling or heating appliance, and we will send you our estimate. One of our contractors can also come to your property wearing PPE to check your problem.

Biggest Myths Costing You Money – Air Conditioning Schaumburg, IL

The following sections will debunk the most common myths about air conditioning Schaumburg. Our local air conditioning contractors can ensure that your air conditioner saves you money without losing comfort.

  • When you lower the temperature in your home, it will cool faster.

  • Larger air conditioners are more effective.

  • When you’re not at home, turn off the air conditioner to save energy.

  • Summer colds in Schaumburg might be caused by air conditioning.

  • Your air conditioner’s air filters should not be updated on a yearly basis.

  • One’s best to wait until an old air conditioner breaks down before replacing it in Schaumburg.

  • The temperature or air quality is unaffected by the thermostat.

  • The room will be kept cool with the use of fans.

  • In empty rooms, it’s best to close vents.

  • The air conditioner does not have to work as hard when the ceiling fan is turned on.

When you have a new unit, AC service Schaumburg or checkups are a waste of time and money in the spring.