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DUCTECH Air Conditioning Service | AC Repair & AC Installation

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845 N Morris Dr, Palatine, IL 60074

DucTech Air Conditioning Service Palatine, IL – More About Our Company

You might need AC repair or even AC replacement in Palatine, and you’ve found the most trusted and experienced professionals to help in DucTech Air Conditioning Service. We offer a great range of AC services for your home or business, and we do it all with the skills and experience that over 10 years in the business can provide.  

DucTech Air Conditioning Service is Palatine’s best of the family-owned and operated AC companies, so we offer more than just outstanding AC repair or AC replacement. Palatine residents can trust us for the greatest standard of care and service each time you call. To DucTech, you are more a customer, you’re our neighbor so we go the extra mile to make you happy.   

As a proud partner with Carrier, one of the leading and most trusted AC companies in Palatine and beyond, we are sure to bring you the top-quality air conditioning Palatine has available. We’ll be there for you with top-class air conditioning installation or AC replacement. But we do more because when you absolutely need us quickly, we offer 24-hour emergency service. We’re always ready to assist whenever you call. Contact DucTech Air Conditioning Service in Palatine today.

AC Replacement Palatine, IL

An ac replacement can be costly, so you may be tempted to put off a much-needed replacement with a cheap patchwork of air conditioning repairs. However, there will come a time when replacing your ac unit will be more cost-effective than another repair. 

Now, most repairs will not come with any guarantee that a new unit will. When you live in harsh climates, it is best to consider replacement a little sooner, so you are not left with air conditioning in Palatine that will not function well during the hot summer. 

Also, an old air conditioner unit could run up your monthly utility bills. There have been tremendous advances that have been made in the past ten years when it comes to air conditioning units. When you are frustrated with high heating and cooling bills, the outdated technology air conditioning unit may be the main problem. Contact our air conditioning contractors in DucTech Air Conditioning Replacement in Palatine today!

Check Our Air Conditioning Installation Palatine, IL

AC units are not “one size fits all”. Here at DucTech Air Conditioning Installation Palatine, we are here to help you with ac installation, with the best ac unit for your needs. We’ve earned our place as the air conditioning installers Palatine trusts by always carefully assessing your space and needs before ac installation. You do not want an air conditioner that is too small and won’t cool your building, nor one that is too big and wastes power and money. 

To do this, we consider the unit size, and the tonnes of hot air removed by an air conditioner,  square footage, and other building factors. Once we are sure, we send an experienced air conditioning contractor Palatine residents can count on. Don’t just call any of the ac companies Palatine has to offer, get the team you can trust to give you the best solution for air conditioning Palatine. 

Indications That You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Palatine, IL

Your Air Conditioning Unit Sounds Loud and Unusual: Peculiar sounds, including scraping or grinding, could signal that a belt is misaligned. It can easily be fixed with air conditioning repair in Palatine.  

Poor Airflow: When your air circulation is not adequately cooling your whole room, it might indicate a problem with the unit’s compressor or air ducts. Qualified AC companies in Wood Dale, like DucTech, can help.

The Unit Will Not Turn On: You might have a mechanical issue with your air conditioning unit or there could be something happening with your thermostat. Call DucTech Air Conditioning Repair in Palatine.

Water Leaks: Pooling water around your air conditioner or a visible leak is a sign that your cooling system is not working and needs AC repair in Palatine. 

Bad Odors: Any disagreeable odors stemming from your HVAC system should be handled by professional AC repair in Palatine before it becomes worse. 

Frequent Cycles: Your air conditioner runs through a consistent routine cooling cycle. If that cycle runs too frequently, contact our team for fast AC repair.

Any one of these issues presents a good reason to call DucTech Air Conditioning Repair in Palatine for knowledgeable air conditioning repair.

Check Our Services - DucTech Air Conditioning Service Palatine, IL

furnace service


A furnace or a boiler, to us it’s an essential part of your comfort, and DucTech is ready to help with heating and air conditioning contractors in Palatine that understand how to take care of your whole system over the winter and the summer. We do more than just furnace installation and heating repair. We also bring you exceptional AC service in Palatine to ensure every part of your HVAC system is operating properly. Plus, we’ll care for your radiant heating system at home or at work.


Stay cool and comfortable all summer long with our complete range of AC services in Palatine that will keep the heat out. From air conditioning installation to AC repair in Palatine, DucTech Air Conditioning Service offers outstanding certified assistance whether you need simple AC maintenance or AC replacement.

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hvac replacement & installation


Leaks, clogs, or floods are never the things you want to see in your home or office, but they can happen any time. So DucTech Air Conditioning Service in Palatine has the expertise to help with anything from general plumbing issues to AC maintenance that can seal a leak. Count on us to be there when you need us most. 

Maintenance Program

All furnace and air conditioning units require routine attention. That’s where our furnace or AC maintenance comes in. Put your trust in the experts at DucTech Air Conditioning Service in Palatine to be there on time and to keep your whole HVAC system running smoothly.

air conditioning contractor at work

DucTech Air Conditioning Service Palatine, IL - Contact Us

Testimonials - DucTech Air Conditioning Service Palatine, IL

" Regarding this air conditioning contractor in Palatine, I only have positive things to say. Both the employees and the customer service at DucTech Air Conditioning Service are outstanding! They gave me prompt air conditioning repair at a reasonable cost. The entire team deserves a huge thank you! Recommended! "

Kyle J. Stephenson

" I had air conditioning installation by DucTech Air Conditioning Service in Palatine. The group was polite and informed. After the installation, they take a little more time to make sure that everything was done correctly. I will recommend them to family, friends, and acquaintances. "

Stacey D. Kelley

" The DucTech Air Conditioning Service technicians arrived first in the morning to perform our air conditioner repair in Palatine after it stopped operating last night. They provided us with excellent guidance and pointed out how to take care of my ac installation after the service. "

David K. Close

DucTech Air Conditioning Service Palatine, IL – Why Choose Us

Our air conditioning contractors in Palatine are always on call to get you covered if you have an emergency. Our techs are available to make scheduling faster, easier and more convenient for you. We know that heating and cooling emergencies can happen anytime, so do not hesitate to call us whenever you need.
For many years, DucTech Air Conditioning Service has provided top-notch ac maintenance, ac repair, ac installation and ac repair in Palatine and its neighbouring cities. Our ac services are designed for your home or business. We are partnered with Carrier, one of the most popular businesses in the industry, and we have earned a reputation for being the best in the business.
Our air conditioner contractors are highly trained, and we have over ten years of experience providing high-quality ac services. DucTech Air Conditioning Services can handle all of your cooling and heating needs in Palatine. Our professionals have held numerous ac services jobs, and no matter what your problem is, we can surely fix it!
DucTech Air Conditioning Services Palatine does not charge a flat rate. We charge our services by the job. And because we understand that ac services can happen anytime, we offer excellent financing solutions for our customers so they can get the service you need without worrying about how you can afford it.
One of the benefits of working with us includes fast response and skilled technicians. We make our estimate easier this time of COVID-19. All you have to do is send us a photo of the problem, the serial number of the cooling and heating appliances, and reply with the estimate.

Check The Biggest Air Conditioning Palatine, IL Myths That Cost You Money

DucTech Air Conditioning Service Palatine has listed some myths or air conditioning misinformation that costs you a lot of money.
  • Turning your thermostat down will help your home cool quicker.
  • Bigger air conditioning Palatine units work better for any home.
  • Turning off your unit when you’re not at home will save you a lot of energy.
  • One of the reasons for having summer cold is using your air conditioner
  • Wait for your old air conditioning Palatine unit to stop working before replacing them with a new one
  • It’s not important to consider the thermostat location when installing air conditioning in Palatine.
  • Using a fan while the air conditioning is on keeps your room cooler.
  • It is important to close vents in the room that you’re not using to redirect air conditioning airflow.
  • Keep your ceiling fan turned on to save energy while using the air conditioner
  • Ac maintenance Palatine is not important, especially if your air conditioning unit is new.

Advantages of Air Conditioning Palatine, IL

Lower Rates of Asthma Attacks

Lower the Risks of Asthma Attacks

Running your air conditioning in your Palatine home will reduce humidity levels as well as any pollen, mold, mildew, or other harmful other allergens.

Enhanced Home Security

Home Security

To get the most from your air conditioning in Palatine, keep your doors and windows closed. You can remain comfortable inside while your home is more secure against break-ins.

Cooler Workouts

Cool Exercise Environment

Enjoy a cool and comfortable space while you exercise with air conditioning in Palatine.

Fewer Insects and Parasites

Fewer Insects and Parasites

While an open window allows bugs to enter freely, an AC installation in Palatine serves to filter those insects to keep them out. 

Comfortable Sleep

Better Sleep

Your air conditioning in Palatine is the perfect solution to stay cool at night for a better sleep under more ideal conditions.

Prevents Overheating Electronics

Prevents Overheating Electronics

A cool space can give your electronics a longer lifespan and can keep you from losing data.

Enhanced Work Performance

Greater Work Performance

Air conditioning in Palatine offers a comfortable work environment to keep employees on task instead of trying to stay cool.

Keep from Dehydrating

Limits Dehydration

You will not sweat as much in a cool space so you can retain a large percentage of the water your body needs throughout the day.

Reduced Noise-Pollution

Less Noise

By keeping doors and windows closed in areas that have air conditioning, less noise can enter the space, so you remain cool and undisturbed.