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DUCTECH Air Conditioning Installation | AC Service & AC Repairman

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Monday - Friday: 7:00AM-17:00PM

14066 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60201

Air Conditioning Service Evanston, IL –  About Us 

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Gone are the days that you have to put up with slow or dysfunctional air conditioning. With DucTech Air Conditioning Service, we can set the perfect temperature at your place! Our full range of cooling services of AC replacement, AC installation, and AC maintenance are available in commercial and residential properties for your convenience. Enjoy a cool temperature any time of the day without spending a fortune on the air conditioning service. Our AC services at DucTech Air Conditioning Service are designed to be affordable, effective, and reliable for years to come. We can also keep your units in tiptop shape with our AC maintenance. We can help you prepare your new office or replace an old unit at your home for that proper cooling system you can rely on.

In the need of a professional air conditioning contractor in Evanston, call our company and we will provide one for you - no questions asked! You can trust our more than 10 years of an established business to provide you the best when it comes to your AC repair and maintenance needs. DucTech Air Conditioning Service is a family-owned and operated company in collaboration with Carrier. We offer 24-hour services.

Air Conditioning Repair Evanston, IL – When You Should Call Us

Unit Won’t Turn On: DucTech Air Conditioning Repair is here to make sure that your air conditioning in Evanston will turn on when you need it.

Short Cycling: Short cycling is when your air conditioning in Evanston starts, stops, and starts up again shortly after, which means your efficiency is in trouble. DucTech Air Conditioning Repair is here to fix it for you.

Odd Noises: When you hear anything other than the sound of air moving through the vents, it is best to contact our air conditioner repair in Evanston.

Leaks: When you notice an outdoor unit is leaking, it is best to contact our ac repair company in Evanston no matter what the source is.

Low Airflow: When you need to run your air conditioning in Evanston in a new manner to get quality cooling, it is best to contact our ac repair service to get it fixed.

DucTech Air Conditioning Installation Evanston, IL

Here at DucTech Air Conditioning Installation Evanston, we know that air conditioning is not “one size fits all”, and are here to help you with the best ac installation Evanston for your needs. 

We are the air conditioning installers Evanston loves because we guarantee to get you the right ac unit for your needs. We will make sure you end up with an air conditioner that is not so small that it doesn’t cool enough, but isn’t so big that it wastes energy and your money. 

Our team carefully considers the size, and the tonnes of hot air removed by an air conditioner,  square footage, and other factors of your building. After this inspection, we send an experienced air conditioning contractor Evanston residents know they can trust.

Don’t risk contracting any of the ac companies Evanston has to offer, contact us and get the best solutions for air conditioning Evanston. 

AC Replacement in Evanston, IL By the Experts at DucTech Air Conditioning Replacement

AC replacement in Evanston is one of the most important investments you can make. You want to make sure it’s the right time to upgrade to new air conditioning in Evanston. If your cooling demands are not being met by your air conditioning unit, consider an AC replacement in Evanston for greater comfort and efficiency. Calling for AC companies in Evanston for one AC repair after another may be frustrating but worthwhile on a newer model. But if your air conditioning system is more than eight years old, your AC repair costs could end up being more than what you would pay for a new AC replacement in Evanston. Your AC performance will naturally decline over time and you certainly don’t want to be stuck with an air conditioner that isn’t living up to the task. In the middle of the summer. To learn more about how the expert air conditioning contractors in Evanston from DucTech Air Conditioning Replacement can help, call us today. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide a detailed estimate for an AC replacement.

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furnace repair done by our contractors


Your furnace or boiler is a major part of your residential or workplace comfort. DucTech is here to help with outstanding heating and air conditioning contractors in Evanston for all seasons. We offer efficient furnace installation and general heating repair, but we also provide the finest AC service in Evanston to keep your HVAC system in top form. And, we can handle your radiant heating system to give you warmth on command.


Staying cool and entirely comfortable through the summer shouldn’t be difficult, which is why our complete range of AC service in Evanston is here for you. From professional air conditioning installation to expert AC repair in Evanston, DucTech Air Conditioning Service technicians are fully trained and certified to handle any general AC maintenance, repair, or AC replacement you might need.

carrier air conditioning
heating repair in progress


When you have a leak, clog, or flood, don’t panic. DucTech Air Conditioning Service in Evanston has the expertise you need and we’re ready to help with anything from common plumbing issues to AC maintenance that can stop a leak. Call us when you need specialized services.

Maintenance Program

Every furnace and air conditioning appliance needs service at regular intervals. So our routine furnace and AC maintenance in Evanston is there for you. Contact the experts at DucTech Air Conditioning Service in Evanston and we’ll be there fast to reliably maintain your whole HVAC system, so you can rest easy and comfortably.


DucTech Air Conditioning Evanston, IL - Testimonials

"DucTech was excellent in their service with us yesterday. They arrived on time and they were also friendly when we were talking over the phone. Thanks to them, our AC is working perfectly fine again. They offer great and professional AC service in Evanston. I would be calling them once we need repairs again. Thanks, DucTech Air Conditioning Service!" 

Nicholas Craig

Evanston, IL

"DucTech was very professional when we called them for some AC service at our office. They knew what exactly was happening, and they also gave us tips to not let it happen again. Only DucTech Air Conditioning Service in Evanston provides that kind of service nowadays."

Albert Reed

Evanston, IL

"We were a little panicked when our AC died but DucTech assured us and even gave us an AC replacement in Evanston. Their amazing AC service was to die for. The quick turnaround and caring service was very much appreciated."

James Henry

Evanston, IL