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DUCTECH Heating & Cooling Companies | AC Service

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49932 Fairview Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Air Conditioning Service Downers Grove, IL –   About Our Company 

DucTech Air Conditioning Service is a family-owned and operated business in the heart of Downers Grove. We provide a full range of cooling services to commercial and residential areas of the suburbs. Our services are inclusive of AC repair, AC installation, AC maintenance, and AC replacement within 24 hours on all business days. Our flexible working hours are designed to accommodate all customers in need of our air conditioning expertise wherever, whenever.

On top of our premium services, we partner with Carrier to bring forward the best cooling systems possible for all properties in the local Downers Grove area. We strive to provide the best level of services and care to both new and returning customers. As an established company for the last 10 years, we at DucTech Air Conditioning Service consider it our duty and responsibility to maintain a high level of excellence with all our services. We choose the brightest and most experienced air conditioning installers from Downers Grove to perform the AC service you need, be it an air conditioning repair or air conditioning installation. We also provide post-sales service for further concerns after the work is done. For top-notch performance, choose DucTech Air Conditioning Service!

When You Should Call Us – Air Conditioning Repair Downers Grove, IL

Unit Won’t Turn On: Do you have trouble getting your air conditioning to turn on? We are one of the ac companies in Downers Grove that can help you get in running.

Short Cycling: When your air conditioning in Downers Grove starts, stops, and starts again shortly is called short cycling. It’s a bad sign because your efficiency is in trouble, and your air conditioning could be flirting with a breakdown.

Odd Noises: Odd noises can be anything other than the sound of air moving through the vents. Our ac repair company in Downers Grove is here to help you fix it.

Leaks: No matter what, leaks are bad for your air conditioning in Downers Grove, no matter what the source is. DucTech Air Conditioning Repair is here to fix that.

Low Airflow: If you need to run your air conditioning all day or at a lower thermostat setting, contact one of the ac companies in the Downers Grove area to get it fixed.

DucTech Air Conditioning Contractor – Air Conditioning Installation Downers Grove, IL

DucTech Air Conditioning Installation Downers Grove knows that air conditioning is not “one size fits all”, so we work hard to make sure your ac unit is perfect for your next ac installation Downers Grove. 

Our team makes up the air conditioning installers Downers Grove loves because we guarantee the best solutions for air conditioning for your home or business – A unit that is not too small to cool your space nor one that is too big and wastes energy and money. 

For this process, it is essential to consider the size, the tonnes of hot air removed by an air conditioner,  square footage of the building, and more.  Once certain of the best unit, we send an experienced air conditioning contractor Downers Grove residents can trust.

Do not settle for any of the ac companies Downers Grove has to offer, call us for the best air conditioning Downers Grove. 

DucTech Air Conditioning Service Downers Grove, IL - Our Services



Once winter has arrived, you can trust our premium HVAC units to provide dependable proper heating solutions to your space. We perform everything from installation to repair and replacement. Our goal is to make your space interiors as cozy and secure as possible. For our other services, call us.


Get the most refreshing ambiance possible with our air conditioning installation in Downers Grove when summer hits. Our AC services are highly reliable that you can approach our expert contractors anytime and have your unit serviced. For rusty models, you can get our AC replacement and AC maintenance, whichever applies.

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plumbing installation


Plumbing issues shoot every now and then. You can turn to us at DucTech Air Conditioning Service for professional inspection and solutions. We are more than just one of your AC companies in Downers Grove. We offer a full range of services that will provide you the best level of comfort possible. Inquire with us!

Maintenance Program

Maintenance is important for any product to keep functioning at its best. At DucTech Air Conditioning Service, we will take care of your maintenance needs for any unit you avail from us. We work efficiently to get the job done swiftly.

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